2nd Month Dave Poll

2nd Month Dave meditate everyday Do one more push up everyday, starting with 10 Thank a different person everyday go to the beach 8 times take public transportation once a week 10 minutes of exercise a day donate a dollar a day to different charities sign up for a yoga class lose ten pounds go live on Facebook for 30 days in a row

Not Being Negative for a Month

Not to be negative, but whoa, this wasn’t an easy one. I’m not sure what’s covered under “negative speech.” I know the first day of this month I was put under the spotlight, you can actually hear it on the “Unpopular Opinions” podcast from December. I was tiptoeing around subjects and parsing my words so I wouldn’t say anything negative. After the podcast was over I was talking with the host, Adam Todd Brown and another comic, TK Kelly, and the subject of Buffalo Wild Wings came up. I immediately said I hated that place, which for sure is negative and not really… Read more“Not Being Negative for a Month”

Momentary Lapse of Reason (Dining in Week Recap)

This week started off with me quitting and then two hours later unquitting. At some point I was gonna have enough of this shit. If I won every week and love this project the whole time, that wouldn’t make a good story. Im trying to stop myself from becoming the couch monster again. I’ll take 2 hours of saying fuck it over 2 months. That being said, I didn’t exactly nail this week. I ate out my first meal of the week at Chik Fil A, after therapy. Hey I openned up and then I filled the hole with a sweet fried chicken… Read more“Momentary Lapse of Reason (Dining in Week Recap)”

Apologies to Reid

Defiant Apologizes! Apologize are just self serving bullshit to ease your own mind. I do it a lot. I knew it would get picked, because the theme of this week was “right the ship” and all the other choices were about writing, except this one. So any outlier on the poll will always win I didn’t apologize to somebody that I’m still friends with because I didn’t want to rip open old scabs, or maybe it was too hard. Anyway’s my old roommate Reid had a huge jar of quarters when I lived in nyc. Sometimes I didn’t have any cash on me…. Read more“Apologies to Reid”

Amber Preston Week

Dave Waite makes me laugh. Dave makes me laugh when he is offstage and Dave makes me laugh when is onstage. The guy is funny. He is also a good egg. A really good egg. I feel like I’ve known Dave my entire stand up career but I probably met him several years into my stand up life. Maybe while he was passing through Minneapolis? Maybe that one time I flew to St. Louis for a comedy contest after a solid 9 months of stage time – I bet he was nice to me even though I was that way too eager newbie… Read more“Amber Preston Week”

Give Back Week Recap

After not following thru on the vaping (which I’m working on), I felt I needed a week where I could get some wins and give back to the world. Donating to charity won this week, but I decided to do all of them (donating books and clothes as well). To be honest with y’all, I have never done any of these things before. Donating clothes: there’s plenty of shirts on my hangers that I pass over every time I know I’m not going to wear them, and yet I just leave them there for years. Avoidance, there’s clearly a problem and I avoid… Read more“Give Back Week Recap”

One Year Failure or Just a lull in the project

One Year Failure or Just a Lull in the middle part? My friend Mark say’s I’ve been going to easy on the website and project, but the smoking thing has been a big whiff, but I have to realize it’s not an easy thing too do. Even transitioning to vaping is a motherfucker. I’ve probably been smoking more actually like an asshole. I noticed if I ingored the project or the task, my ruminating increase, senseless worry bumps up and the aniexty monster rears it’s ugly head. The point of the project is about bettering myself and being in the present, not the… Read more“One Year Failure or Just a lull in the project”