Finding that inner peace week

The voting last week was slap dashed together after a late night at a rock concert, but I m glad meditation won. My anxiety levels had been creeping up and I needed something to alleviated that. I think I was supposed to meditate for 7 minutes a day buy there wasn’t an option on the Calm mediation app. I rounded down to five last time I had a meditation week, 15 minutes was just too much. After just a couple days I could notice the difference, I felt a sense of calm. I’m idiot but I felt more relaxed and my performances on… Read more“Finding that inner peace week”

It’s Anna Mazza Week

I haven’t known Dave as long as the others that have come before me, in fact I just met Dave this past August. So I’ve only ever known Dave doing this project. I first met Dave during his ‘Wear a tie’ week. I made fun of him, then he watched my set and didn’t laugh once – we became instant buds. I coached him through snap chat filters and the significance of using apostrophe R-E when typing on the internet. In return, he’s given me a baller friendship. My favorite thing to do is make Dave uncomfortable; from explaining how period cramps are… Read more“It’s Anna Mazza Week”

Graham Week Recap: Cleaning!

Scrubbing bubbles So, my former roommate, Graham Kay, was in charge this week. He’s from the Great White North (Canada), and in cliche fashion, he’s the nice guy I know. He based his vote options based on what he observed as my roommate. Clean my bathroom, clean my car out, make my bed, and chew with my open mouth closed. I didn’t realize I was such a dirtbag…OK, c’mon, yes I did; that’s why I started this whole project. Cleaning the bathroom won but I decided to them all, except chew with my mouth closed, which I think I do for the most… Read more“Graham Week Recap: Cleaning!”

Grab Week Recap: 8 Glasses of Water

Water Week again! Can I just repost the essay from the last time I had to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Nah, that’s against the spirit of this week. This is the second week in a row where the voters were concerned about what I’m drinking. Last week was no soda, which was essentially a water (and beer) week. I don’t know why the voters are so fascinated with what I’m drinking. I wasn’t as vigilante this week. I did add soda drinks back into my diet, not like a mad man, but I can regulate the caffeine I need much… Read more“Grab Week Recap: 8 Glasses of Water”

Graham Kay Week

graham kay week Chew with your mouth closed. Watch a YouTube video on how to clean a bathroom and then clean the bathroom. Keep your car clean Make your bed every morning and keep garbage off your floor Sage Quotes Dave Waite (pronounced as one word, DayWaite) is a character and I love him. He took me in and gave me a place to stay when I was homeless. I lived with him at “The Bro House” with four other comedians for ten months. In that time, I learned a lot about my friend Dave. I learned why he is a character. DayWaite… Read more“Graham Kay Week”

No Soda Week

No Soda! Ugh, this week was the worst. I’m being hyperbolic, but it did suck. The ‘no soft drinks’ have been up on the voting multiple times and this time it was a runaway vote. It’s been a constant theme on here. I was a sleepy boy, not having my constant drip of caffeine. I did drink coffee, so I didn’t go thru total withdrawal, but it’s hard to regulate. I got jacked on the coffee then crashed hard. It was hard eating pizza with water. It felt so lame. Sure, it was probably better for me, but damn it wasn’t as enjoyable…. Read more“No Soda Week”

LA Week!

Tear Down the Wall! Organize a museum trip, that’s what won this week. I chose the Wende Museum, a museum of East Germany propaganda art. On two days notice, I managed to round up a crew of seven comics (out of the 20 I invited, so not a bad return) to tag along. I picked the Wende museum because it was on one of those lists of ‘best free things to do in LA’. Because we had a big group, they gave us a private tour and they opened up the vaults for us, which was a huge bonus. I’m gonna let the… Read more“LA Week!”