Year End Review

Success, Failure and Dave Waite It’s hard to believe that on June 1st 2016, I started my most ambitious project to date. I let the internet vote on my life. First off let me thank you guys for voting each week or month, that part was for sure a success. I received thousands votes over all. It feels greats to have so many people involved in my life. You guys keep this project alive! The project got less focused as the year went on, but I did keep at it. Even the final week got me out of my comfort zone and to… Read more“Year End Review”

Go To an Open Week Recap

Go to a rough open mic everyday. Well I don’t know what constitutes a “rough open mic,” but I would sauce any open mic in NYC or LA is, on some level, rough. First off l, I had shows scheduled five of the seven days of this week. I could only make to one mic, it was a The Grand View Market on Venice Blvd in Mat Vista. It’s a local grocery store that also serves beer, has a dining area, and performance space. I got there at 720 ish to put my name in the bucket The bucket is where ya throw… Read more“Go To an Open Week Recap”

Super Fan Max Fine takes over

Dave Waite is funny. People know that. Dave was once described to me by another comic as this generation’s Dave Attell, every comic knows he’s one of the best in the biz. I was lucky enough to open for Dave a few years ago at my home club and he was the first headliner to ever tell me that I was funny. I don’t think he knew how important it was for me to hear. At the time, I was very nervous and scared trying to figure out how to be a comic, but I knew that I wanted to be like Dave,… Read more“Super Fan Max Fine takes over”

Take The Bus to a Show Recap

I rarely take public transportation in Los Angeles. I only do it a handful times a year. I have a car and it doesn’t seem very efficient. But recently I took a bus to a show. I did the Venice Townhouse last Wednesday. I live off Venice Blvd, so the 733 bus is a straight shot. I liked not worrying about parking and being able to drink. There were people on the bus but I was mostly zoned out listening to my headphones, which is something I can do while driving. You don’t have to be an active participant on the bus. I… Read more“Take The Bus to a Show Recap”

Go see nature Recap

I have this joke about never knowing how long to look at painting at an art museum, so I play a game where I look at the painting longer than the stranger standing next to me. Its a game. I feel the longer you drink it in before you get it, the smarter you are. The reason I put “go see a natural landmark” on the voting was because I knew I was going to the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia and I know it’s beautiful up here so I wanted something to compel me to get out there and take a look…. Read more“Go see nature Recap”

Recap 10 minutes of new material

Ten minutes of new material I’ve been going thru my own personal writer’s strike for a while, but this month I tried to shift gears and think funny or at least in a comedy mindset, and not worry about my career. I don’t think I got ten minutes of new material but I did get several new bits. I also found myself writing more often and coming up a vision for where to go with my career once the One Year Dave project ends. I did a thirteen day stretch thru the Midwest (mainly Iowa) with shows every night and that gave me… Read more“Recap 10 minutes of new material”