Pearl jam Week Recap

Pearl Jam Wow, you guys almost jammed me on Pearl Jam week. I had the choice of ‘No Pearl Jam’ on the voting options and that shit almost won. Do you guys hate me? I had to stare at my phone and keep refreshing Twitter and take a screen shot of the winning choice right at midnight, which is when I cut the voting off. Even if ‘No Pearl Jam’ would have won, I still probably would’ve gone to their concert. I’m always surprised by people who go to a concert and only know one or two hits from a band. Why not… Read more“Pearl jam Week Recap”

Pearl Jam Midweek update

Jack Irons Ain’t No Cop If a state can have an official bird, then I guess a city can have its own official band. The official band of my hometown of Ludlow, KY, is Pearl Jam. Ludlow sits on the banks of the Ohio River across from the western outskirts of Cincinnati. In that region Pearl Jam was the sound track of your life in the 90s and well into the 2000’s, long after the rest of the country stopped listening. Sure, in the nineties Nirvana broke the whole fucking thing wide open, and there was a month where the Smashing Pumpkins were… Read more“Pearl Jam Midweek update”

No phone week

Let me Look! This week has been a tough one, not looking at your phone while people are around. Ah man, the phone has so much cool stuff, what if I miss out on a cool tweet or some big news event? But a lot of stuff with this project is about being present and in the moment. So, not looking at your phone every five seconds for sure counts as that. It got off too a rocky start. I went to dinner with my sister and got the itch to look. So, I went out to smoke and then had a quick… Read more“No phone week”

Meditation Week Recap: Now And Zen

This week’s directive was meditating at least 15 minutes a day. Meditation is just what I needed after being in constant motion. I needed to hit the reset button on my brain. Luckily, I spent most of my time in the well-manicured city of Grand Rapids, which is beautified by all the Amway money floating around. Amway, the Midwest Scientology. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, clean, quiet place… kinda like you hope meditation will do to your brain. However, 15 minutes is too long, it’s like the person who starts exercising and tries to run five miles the first day. This isn’t technically the… Read more“Meditation Week Recap: Now And Zen”

Alex Stone Guest Moderator Week 11

Alex Stone Week Be grateful: Write down five new things every day that you’re grateful for. Go first: Be the first person to say “hello” or smile in every interaction you have. No phone, no computer until 3 pm. . Leave your phone in your pocket. No phone, no social media when you’re with other people. Survey Maker I’ve known Dave for a long time. Who cares? Dave is great, he’s a good friend, and BLAH, BLAH, BARF, VOMIT, BARF. You’re probably already back on Facebook. Look, I love that Dave is being proactive about his life. This is such a beautiful project…. Read more“Alex Stone Guest Moderator Week 11”

Update: Restless Mind

It’s hard to quiet the mind. Am I funny? Will I make it? Am I gonna be swallowed up by the road? Will I ever fall in love again? Is this post dumb? Do people hate me? Can I quit smoking for the love of God? Will I ever be rich? do I work hard enough? Is this website just unchecked narcissism? Am I happy? Does it matter, does what matter? This is why people have a hard time starting meditation, all these thoughts crashing around in your brain. Then there’s a thought that says its ok, oh it is, yea it’s ok…. Read more“Update: Restless Mind”

Tie Week Recap

Every man should now how to tie a tie, according to Esquire, GQ and all those men’s magazines. I was doing a show in Chattanooga and staying with Ryan Darling, a comic who, from the looks of it (scruffy punk rocker type) I wouldn’t have guessed could tie a tie. Luckily, I was wrong. Ryan said years of private school trained him in the art. He was a real darling (woof), get it, and gave me a refresher. I knew how to tie a tie at one point, with a diagram or chart I’d follow, but I haven’t needed a tie for more… Read more“Tie Week Recap”