No Soda Week

No Soda! Ugh, this week was the worst. I’m being hyperbolic, but it did suck. The ‘no soft drinks’ have been up on the voting multiple times and this time it was a runaway vote. It’s been a constant theme on here. I was a sleepy boy, not having my constant drip of caffeine. I did drink coffee, so I didn’t go thru total withdrawal, but it’s hard to regulate. I got jacked on the coffee then crashed hard. It was hard eating pizza with water. It felt so lame. Sure, it was probably better for me, but damn it wasn’t as enjoyable…. Read more“No Soda Week”

LA Week!

Tear Down the Wall! Organize a museum trip, that’s what won this week. I chose the Wende Museum, a museum of East Germany propaganda art. On two days notice, I managed to round up a crew of seven comics (out of the 20 I invited, so not a bad return) to tag along. I picked the Wende museum because it was on one of those lists of ‘best free things to do in LA’. Because we had a big group, they gave us a private tour and they opened up the vaults for us, which was a huge bonus. I’m gonna let the… Read more“LA Week!”

Dinner nightly (Sally Brooks Week Recap)

It’s Dinnertime Davy I fell into the habit of eating out all the time, like some sort of millionaire. Before this project started, I just couldn’t bring myself to go to the grocery store. It was just too depressing, or overwhelming, or something. Maybe it’s the lighting, or maybe I just don’t know what the fuck i’m doing. Maybe it’s because I’m single. Or I travel all the time. I don’t know, but something is at work there. I started the week by pan frying a steak. It tasted ok, but I think i fucked it up. How do you fuck up steak?… Read more“Dinner nightly (Sally Brooks Week Recap)”

Social Media Week recap

Social Media week, Retweeting a stranger, that’s what won the voting. Two of the choices were Facebook Live and Snapchat daily, at least those would be have been content from me, a chance to be creative daily. Ugh this was the dumbest week yet. I put it on the voting, so it was my fault. I’ll take ownership that it happened. But, c’mon guys, the voting is completely is off the mark in my mind. It won by a lot, too. The one thing I found is most people aren’t killing it on twitter. It’s either people tweeting at each other, or retweeting… Read more“Social Media Week recap”

Sally Brooks Week

Sally Brooks Week Cook dinner every night Offer to be the driver Work 3 hrs a day Make a budget for the week Quiz Maker I can’t believe this is happening. After years of begging Dave to let me run his life, I’m getting finally my chance. Although, don’t tell Dave I said this, but he is actually doing a pretty good job figuring out life for himself. One time, after first meeting Dave years ago in Cincinnati, I drunkenly yelled at him, “BE A PERSON!” I wouldn’t have to yell that now, because he’s become one of the most open, loyal, kind… Read more“Sally Brooks Week”

Ludlow Week Recap

8 laps at the track, that’s the goal. I didn’t say a day, and I didn’t say in a row. I would say this to my friends when they asked what the task is this week. I’m sure you’re pissed, whining “Hey that’s not fair.” Hey it’s my life, and this is the dirtbag’s self help guide, so c’mon people. I’m gonna interpret things my way. I walked in jeans and a polo shirt like a real uncle trying to get it together. One day I walked, it was one hundred and one degrees. I did four laps and I wanted to die…. Read more“Ludlow Week Recap”