Year End Review

Success, Failure and Dave Waite It’s hard to believe that on June 1st 2016, I started my most ambitious project to date. I let the internet vote on my life. First off let me thank you guys for voting each week or month, that part was for sure a success. I received thousands votes over all. It feels greats to have so many people involved in my life. You guys keep this project alive! The project got less focused as the year went on, but I did keep at it. Even the final week got me out of my comfort zone and to… Read more“Year End Review”

Take The Bus to a Show Recap

I rarely take public transportation in Los Angeles. I only do it a handful times a year. I have a car and it doesn’t seem very efficient. But recently I took a bus to a show. I did the Venice Townhouse last Wednesday. I live off Venice Blvd, so the 733 bus is a straight shot. I liked not worrying about parking and being able to drink. There were people on the bus but I was mostly zoned out listening to my headphones, which is something I can do while driving. You don’t have to be an active participant on the bus. I… Read more“Take The Bus to a Show Recap”

Go see nature Recap

I have this joke about never knowing how long to look at painting at an art museum, so I play a game where I look at the painting longer than the stranger standing next to me. Its a game. I feel the longer you drink it in before you get it, the smarter you are. The reason I put “go see a natural landmark” on the voting was because I knew I was going to the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia and I know it’s beautiful up here so I wanted something to compel me to get out there and take a look…. Read more“Go see nature Recap”

write a novel in a month recap

Write a Novel in 30 Days I bit off a lot here, that’s for sure. This wasn’t my idea. Often, I will google ‘how to change your life’ in a week or month, to find ideas for you to vote on. This one ‘write a novel in 30 days’ came from a book I picked up in the library a couple years ago called, you guessed it! “Write a novel in 30 days.” This book is actually based on a website that you can read more about here: To be considered a novel it has be at least 50,000 words long. So… Read more“write a novel in a month recap”

Total Bro House Workout exercise month recap

Sometimes I forget that this project is even happening, then I remember: “oh yea, have I have exercised today?” I was supposed to exercise 10 minutes every day for a month, and I got close. I only missed five days out of the 30. So 25 out of 30 is pretty good, it’s better than I have done in the past. If you combine this month with all the weeks that had some sort of physical activity, I’ve probably exercised more in the past eight months than I ever have as an adult. I did a combination of jumping jacks, torso twists, some… Read more“Total Bro House Workout exercise month recap”

Give Back Week Recap

After not following thru on the vaping (which I’m working on), I felt I needed a week where I could get some wins and give back to the world. Donating to charity won this week, but I decided to do all of them (donating books and clothes as well). To be honest with y’all, I have never done any of these things before. Donating clothes: there’s plenty of shirts on my hangers that I pass over every time I know I’m not going to wear them, and yet I just leave them there for years. Avoidance, there’s clearly a problem and I avoid… Read more“Give Back Week Recap”

Daily Poetry

Day 1 Where will I go I don’t know Who will I be I don’t know Where will I be I don’t know Well at least I can say I don’t know Day 2 She was the Bbq queen She was a real scream She ply herself with pork and called dibs on the ribs She was the bbq queen She didn’t mind being seen She wanted the slaw She wanted it all She was the bbq queen She wiped her hands on them jeans She saw Mac and cheese and said yes please ! She was the bbq queen She wanted a… Read more“Daily Poetry”

Finding that inner peace week

The voting last week was slap dashed together after a late night at a rock concert, but I m glad meditation won. My anxiety levels had been creeping up and I needed something to alleviated that. I think I was supposed to meditate for 7 minutes a day buy there wasn’t an option on the Calm mediation app. I rounded down to five last time I had a meditation week, 15 minutes was just too much. After just a couple days I could notice the difference, I felt a sense of calm. I’m idiot but I felt more relaxed and my performances on… Read more“Finding that inner peace week”

Graham Week Recap: Cleaning!

Scrubbing bubbles So, my former roommate, Graham Kay, was in charge this week. He’s from the Great White North (Canada), and in cliche fashion, he’s the nice guy I know. He based his vote options based on what he observed as my roommate. Clean my bathroom, clean my car out, make my bed, and chew with my open mouth closed. I didn’t realize I was such a dirtbag…OK, c’mon, yes I did; that’s why I started this whole project. Cleaning the bathroom won but I decided to them all, except chew with my mouth closed, which I think I do for the most… Read more“Graham Week Recap: Cleaning!”

Grab Week Recap: 8 Glasses of Water

Water Week again! Can I just repost the essay from the last time I had to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Nah, that’s against the spirit of this week. This is the second week in a row where the voters were concerned about what I’m drinking. Last week was no soda, which was essentially a water (and beer) week. I don’t know why the voters are so fascinated with what I’m drinking. I wasn’t as vigilante this week. I did add soda drinks back into my diet, not like a mad man, but I can regulate the caffeine I need much… Read more“Grab Week Recap: 8 Glasses of Water”