Walk an hour with no phone Recap

Oh man, this is the third or forth time I have I’ve had to write about writing. Blah boring. Well I didn’t follow thru on this one. I got busy and distracted this month. I started working again for the first time in a decade. I’m a delivery boy for Postmates and DoorDashing, get it ladies! If when I started this project I knew I would have to do something besides comedy to make money, I would have thought something had gone horribly array. But this is different. I just chose not to go back to gigs I’ve done before that sucked. I… Read more“Walk an hour with no phone Recap”

write a novel in a month recap

Write a Novel in 30 Days I bit off a lot here, that’s for sure. This wasn’t my idea. Often, I will google ‘how to change your life’ in a week or month, to find ideas for you to vote on. This one ‘write a novel in 30 days’ came from a book I picked up in the library a couple years ago called, you guessed it! “Write a novel in 30 days.” This book is actually based on a website that you can read more about here: http://nanowrimo.org To be considered a novel it has be at least 50,000 words long. So… Read more“write a novel in a month recap”

The Guy Formerly Known as Tom Brady Month

love Dave Waite. Dave is one of the most naturally funny people I’ve ever met. One time I literally watched Dave dance on stage for 6 minutes because he felt like the set didn’t matter and he killed. He’s always had an ability to say the simplest things the funniest ways. No one is funnier at kicking me when I’m down and making me feel better. After my phone got stolen out of my hands, I mentioned it on stage, and he yelled out, “HA HA DUMMY!” After my engagement ended, he mentioned my ex’s name, and I was like, “How do you… Read more“The Guy Formerly Known as Tom Brady Month”

Third Month Dave

Third Month Dave Call a different person everyday for a month Write a Novel 50,000 words Take a class of some sort Host a weekly writing session Organize a weekly outing (golf, museums, beach, lunches, etc) Journal everyday Write ten jokes a day (300 total) Meditate Everyday Learn a new word a day Watch 30 Documentaries surveymaker

2nd Month Dave Poll

2nd Month Dave meditate everyday Do one more push up everyday, starting with 10 Thank a different person everyday go to the beach 8 times take public transportation once a week 10 minutes of exercise a day donate a dollar a day to different charities sign up for a yoga class lose ten pounds go live on Facebook for 30 days in a row

Not Being Negative for a Month

Not to be negative, but whoa, this wasn’t an easy one. I’m not sure what’s covered under “negative speech.” I know the first day of this month I was put under the spotlight, you can actually hear it on the “Unpopular Opinions” podcast from December. I was tiptoeing around subjects and parsing my words so I wouldn’t say anything negative. After the podcast was over I was talking with the host, Adam Todd Brown and another comic, TK Kelly, and the subject of Buffalo Wild Wings came up. I immediately said I hated that place, which for sure is negative and not really… Read more“Not Being Negative for a Month”

Momentary Lapse of Reason (Dining in Week Recap)

This week started off with me quitting and then two hours later unquitting. At some point I was gonna have enough of this shit. If I won every week and love this project the whole time, that wouldn’t make a good story. Im trying to stop myself from becoming the couch monster again. I’ll take 2 hours of saying fuck it over 2 months. That being said, I didn’t exactly nail this week. I ate out my first meal of the week at Chik Fil A, after therapy. Hey I openned up and then I filled the hole with a sweet fried chicken… Read more“Momentary Lapse of Reason (Dining in Week Recap)”

Apologies to Reid

Defiant Apologizes! Apologize are just self serving bullshit to ease your own mind. I do it a lot. I knew it would get picked, because the theme of this week was “right the ship” and all the other choices were about writing, except this one. So any outlier on the poll will always win I didn’t apologize to somebody that I’m still friends with because I didn’t want to rip open old scabs, or maybe it was too hard. Anyway’s my old roommate Reid had a huge jar of quarters when I lived in nyc. Sometimes I didn’t have any cash on me…. Read more“Apologies to Reid”