Midweek update

Lessons Learned the Hard Way. They call my Dad Dave The Hard Way because he does things the hard way. I spent most of my life trying to convince myself “hey I’m not my Dad” and then one day i woke up wearing Dad shirts and saying things like “cut it out.” My Dad told me “women are always right,” which is some simplistic cryptic dad advice. What I think he was trying to say is that it’s easier to agree than to disagree. It’s not worth the trouble, and also …women are probably right. I had to learn that lesson the hard… Read more“Midweek update”

Week one recap: Forrest Gump of Dirtbags

There’s a voice in my head that says “How are you gonna make walking interesting, bro?” Then an Old Hippie voice pops in my head “It’s not about walking man, it’s about the journey.” Ok, fair enough, Old Hippie voice. When making a change, start small. You have to get some wins under your belt. They say an absence of purpose leads to depression. Walking reduces anxiety and depression. I have a purpose now with this project. So, maybe I can walk out of this depression? Day one, first walk, two blocks in and I see a lady wearing a shirt that reads… Read more“Week one recap: Forrest Gump of Dirtbags”

Failure is not an option or is it?

I’m excited by this project. But, I’m also afraid. My anxiety paralyzes me, that’s the fear. I’m afraid of doing nothing, of failing you and myself. I’m afraid of the inevitable self loathing that I put myself through if I fail. It’s like getting into a bar room brawl that spills into the street, with myself. I beat myself up pretty bad. In high school I kicked a game winning field goal. That’s why kicking a field goal is on this list. But in the first half of that game I missed a couple of kicks and by half time I was crying… Read more“Failure is not an option or is it?”