Go To an Open Week Recap

Go to a rough open mic everyday.

Well I don’t know what constitutes a “rough open mic,” but I would sauce any open mic in NYC or LA is, on some level, rough. First off l, I had shows scheduled five of the seven days of this week. I could only make to one mic, it was a The Grand View Market on Venice Blvd in Mat Vista. It’s a local grocery store that also serves beer, has a dining area, and performance space. I got there at 720 ish to put my name in the bucket The bucket is where ya throw your name in and when they pull your name out you get to go on stage. I was actually nervous waiting for the mic to start because I didn’t know anybody, I was outside my comfort zone and that is exactly what this project is about. Eventually some people I knew showed up and eased my nerves. The thing about an open mic is that it’s a great equalizer because nobody cares and nobody really does that well. You all suck together. Since I rarely go the open mics I got picked 21st out of 22, I got to experience the whole thing and since I knew I wasn’t gonna make it to another mic this week, I told people “good set” which was another thing people could vote on. I rarely do mics because I don’t know if I get anything out of them artistically. I would rather work smarter than harder, but overall it wasn’t a bad experience and kinda humbling and we’re all out there grinding.

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