Go see nature Recap

I have this joke about never knowing how long to look at painting at an art museum, so I play a game where I look at the painting longer than the stranger standing next to me. Its a game. I feel the longer you drink it in before you get it, the smarter you are. The reason I put “go see a natural landmark” on the voting was because I knew I was going to the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia and I know it’s beautiful up here so I wanted something to compel me to get out there and take a look.

The first park I went to was a small city park in west Seattle, it looked out over the water and you could see the mountains in the distance. It might have been a small park but it had a big view! Going here actually led me to easy street records, a record store I know from a Pearl Jam concert. I had forgotten about this place, it was a happy accident I found myself there. I had typed “bookstore” into google and was driving to a used bookstore when I drove past it and I was like “Oh Shit, what a happy accident.”

I think I finally got it on Friday when I went to a park in Victoria BC. Nature is supposed to make you feel insignificant. I was on the top this rock, overlooking an incredible view and it made me feel silly for a grump I’d been holding onto about not getting to check in early at the hotel. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that. Sometimes it’s nice to remember we’re just tiny specks on this big rock floating through space.

Side note, I did get my haircut. I was badly in need of one, my hair was winging out under my hat like some movie director who had been on set for too long. I went to Mastercuts in Canada which is like their Supercuts. It was my first time getting my haircut in a foreign land. It was fine.

Overall this week was one redemption last time I was in Victoria , I was being a real sad sack and just hid in my hotel but this time I got out there saw the sights. I even went to miniature world a classic tourist trap of tiny buildings. I went and stared at the bay and let the sounds of the waves wash over of me and realize everything does wash away in time and life is beautiful.

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