Recap 10 minutes of new material

Ten minutes of new material

I’ve been going thru my own personal writer’s strike for a while, but this month I tried to shift gears and think funny or at least in a comedy mindset, and not worry about my career.

I don’t think I got ten minutes of new material but I did get several new bits. I also found myself writing more often and coming up a vision for where to go with my career once the One Year Dave project ends. I did a thirteen day stretch thru the Midwest (mainly Iowa) with shows every night and that gave me time to come up with bits and work them out of stage that night. It also gave me the freedom to riff and try things out.

I will say, since I started this project, my anxiety has gone down and I feel better at managing it. Last year at this time, my anxiety was probably at around a 7 to 9 (out of 10, do I really need to explain scales?) most days. Now? I’m hovering around a 3.

Overall I would say this month was helpful in a sense of getting me to ready to transition into a life after one year Dave is over

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