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Dave Waite is funny. People know that. Dave was once described to me by another comic as this generation’s Dave Attell, every comic knows he’s one of the best in the biz. I was lucky enough to open for Dave a few years ago at my home club and he was the first headliner to ever tell me that I was funny. I don’t think he knew how important it was for me to hear. At the time, I was very nervous and scared trying to figure out how to be a comic, but I knew that I wanted to be like Dave, hysterical on and off stage. I made a list of comics and their strengths when I first started that had things like “best story teller, most fun to watch, etc.” and most of those have rotated, but since day one, Dave has always been “funniest.” His albums are always the first ones I show to newer comics or just regular people, and he always hits.

Starting comedy is brutally hard and heartbreaking, but Dave has become somewhat of a comedy dad to me. I know that if I’m ever confused, depressed, or angry, I can hit up Dave and while whatever he says is going to be funny, it’s also going to get my mind in the right place. He’s always been someone who can hide a compliment in a roast and really inspires me to work harder and get funnier. I think this project has been great for him, but it’s also pushed me to try new things in and outside of comedy. I didn’t realize how serious One Year Dave was until we did shows in Atlanta during the “no negativity month.” We performed for a less than stellar turnout and I could tell Dave wanted to say something, but really stuck to his promises and tried to find a silver lining in what was not a very fun show. I was so impressed at how committed he was, and again, probably without realizing it, he motivated me to work harder at rounding out my own personality for the better. Dave is a monster on stage, there’s no one funnier, and I really mean it when I say that had I never met him, I would never have pushed myself as hard as I do to treat comedy as more than just talking to stranger’s in a microphone. As this is the last stretch of One Year Dave, I want to push him to do for someone else what he did for me, and help another new comic and inspire them to be a better writer, performer, and person.

Super Fan Week Final Week Poll

Go to a rough open mic and introduce yourself to a new comic every day
Buy someone you don’t know a beer after a particularly bad set
Get dinner with a new comic that you don’t know
Compliment every comic as soon as they get off stage at every show you go to
Start reworking your first jokes you ever wrote
Reconnect with three old friends you haven’t spoken to in years
Try a new food
Do a 45 minute set using no material
Go to church

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