Year End Review

Success, Failure and Dave Waite It’s hard to believe that on June 1st 2016, I started my most ambitious project to date. I let the internet vote on my life. First off let me thank you guys for voting each week or month, that part was for sure a success. I received thousands votes over all. It feels greats to have so many people involved in my life. You guys keep this project alive! The project got less focused as the year went on, but I did keep at it. Even the final week got me out of my comfort zone and to… Read more“Year End Review”

Grab Week Recap: 8 Glasses of Water

Water Week again! Can I just repost the essay from the last time I had to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Nah, that’s against the spirit of this week. This is the second week in a row where the voters were concerned about what I’m drinking. Last week was no soda, which was essentially a water (and beer) week. I don’t know why the voters are so fascinated with what I’m drinking. I wasn’t as vigilante this week. I did add soda drinks back into my diet, not like a mad man, but I can regulate the caffeine I need much… Read more“Grab Week Recap: 8 Glasses of Water”

Meditation Week Recap: Now And Zen

This week’s directive was meditating at least 15 minutes a day. Meditation is just what I needed after being in constant motion. I needed to hit the reset button on my brain. Luckily, I spent most of my time in the well-manicured city of Grand Rapids, which is beautified by all the Amway money floating around. Amway, the Midwest Scientology. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, clean, quiet place… kinda like you hope meditation will do to your brain. However, 15 minutes is too long, it’s like the person who starts exercising and tries to run five miles the first day. This isn’t technically the… Read more“Meditation Week Recap: Now And Zen”

No Bread Week Recap

My roommate called to offer to pick me up some bagels from Brooklyn Water Bagels, which is either a sweet gesture or he’s trying to be a dick. Of course I want the best bagels in LA…they even have the NYC water filtration to give it that authentic taste. I replied: “ah shit man, no bread dawg.” I don’t think I’ve lived a week of my life without bread since I was baby. Maybe not even a day. Out of all this stuff, cutting out bread has forced me to be more present. The auto-pilot is off. I didn’t even watch porn the… Read more“No Bread Week Recap”