Take The Bus to a Show Recap

I rarely take public transportation in Los Angeles. I only do it a handful times a year. I have a car and it doesn’t seem very efficient. But recently I took a bus to a show. I did the Venice Townhouse last Wednesday. I live off Venice Blvd, so the 733 bus is a straight shot. I liked not worrying about parking and being able to drink.

There were people on the bus but I was mostly zoned out listening to my headphones, which is something I can do while driving. You don’t have to be an active participant on the bus.

I should point out I only took the bus to the show and got a lyft back to with my roommate to the bro house. The challenge for the week was to take the bus to a show, it didn’t say anything about doing it round trip. Maybe I should be a lawyer, the way I parsed this one out and found a loophole.

Overall I would be more likely to take public transportation if it is more convenient.

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