Year End Review

Success, Failure and Dave Waite

It’s hard to believe that on June 1st 2016, I started my most ambitious project to date. I let the internet vote on my life. First off let me thank you guys for voting each week or month, that part was for sure a success. I received thousands votes over all. It feels greats to have so many people involved in my life. You guys keep this project alive!

The project got less focused as the year went on, but I did keep at it. Even the final week got me out of my comfort zone and to an open mic. This project kept me from falling into a rut. I think as a creative person you always need to challenging yourself to get the creative juices flowing. Also It got me comfortable sharing my writing with the world. Many thanks to Kaytlin Bailey and Mark Chalifoux for taking the time to review these essays to keep me from seeming like an illiterate fool (mostly.)

I would say the most challenging week was not eating bread (wow there’s a lot of bread in my diet.) Not drinking soda was also hard. The most rewarding was sending out postcards to people. The most fun week was wearing a tie everyday. It was fun learning to tie a tie and kinda peacock a little bit.

I’m still struggling with smoking, that still needs to be addressed. I didn’t finish the book I started writings I’m still about 30,000 words short.

I probably should have called it something besides One Year Dave. It’s a catchy name but it limited the project. I probably should have stuck with the weekly challenges and been more bold with my choices, but there’s always next time. I hope there is a next time.

Overall I’m glad I did something instead of nothing. That’s gonna be my main take away, to do something, anything, instead of the same old nothing. I would love to hear from you guys. Let me know if this project inspired, or disappointed, you. Tell me in the comment section, I promise to read em.

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